Retroflex: a family business that has been innovating for 35 years

The story of Retroflex as a family business starts in 1984.
When Kees Scholts worked as a representative for a French coated fabrics company, he noticed a lack of truly durable retro-reflective materials.

Under the name 'Scholts Retro-Reflective Products', Kees, together with specialists in high-frequency welding and screen printing, started developing various products. From children's and sportswear to corporate clothing and reflective tailgate flags for trucks. In 1996, the trade name Retroflex also became the company name, and Kees increasingly focused on the market for protective safety clothing.

Retroflex continued to look for new solutions based on sustainable, high-quality materials. And that did not go unnoticed. Major contracts for Deutsche Telecom and the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz put Retroflex on the map as an innovative and reliable player in the professional safety clothing market. By launching an entirely new product, the fire-resistant triple trim (now Cofab91-AR), Retroflex has been contributing since 2004 to protective firefighting clothing throughout Europe. And to this day, Retroflex still supplies the emblem for the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz.
In 2014, Kees decided to transfer the baton to his son Allart, who at that time worked for the company for a few years. Allart built on the family tradition of developing the products of tomorrow. Kees: "I see that Allart has made the company even wider and stronger. With a series of new innovative products that make me very excited."


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