High-risk environments place high demands on workwear. Retroflex has a wide range of flame-retardant reflective material for professional safety clothing in conditions where visibility and protection against heat and fire are critical. Retroflex offers outstanding visibility and protection, for all emergency services including FRS, Police and First Responders plus oil, offshore and utility workers. Our products are versatile in their application on different types of textiles, have a long useful life and high wear resistance and washability. All are EN ISO20471 and EN469 certified.

A special product in this category is Retroflex Cofab™ Triple Trim: a flame-retardant, reflective tape for firefighting clothing, offshore and workwear. Retroflex developed this product in response to the requirements that both wearers and designers place on firefighter clothing. By combining a flexible, lightweight and fluorescent meta-aramid with a para-aramid ripstop, a strong but flexible reflective strip is created offering high visibility - day and night. Safe, ergonomic and with a very long useful life. For twenty years, Retroflex Cofab™ has been used worldwide by fire brigades, as well as in the petrochemical and oil processing industries. Even under these harsh conditions, Cofab™ continues to perform at its best.

Protection in high risk environments

Suitable for professional Multi-Norm clothing. High visibility and protection against heat and fire. Safety for professionals, from fire brigade to offshore environments.

Durable and hard-wearing

Meeting the challenge of strict safety requirements, our products are versatile and can be used on various types of textile. Outstanding wear-resistance, with high washability and a long useful life.


All our products are approved to the highest class in the ISO EN20471 and EN469 standards.

Fire Retardant Products:



 ProductNoteBackingColorEN 469Homewash ISO6330Tumble DryIndustrial Wash ISO15797 CycliTunnel DryDry Clean ISO3175Öko-Tex
SewableRS 6400 FRCotton Silver 50x 60°C  
 RF 3400 FR IWCotton Silver 100x 60°C75x 75°CClass 2
 Cofab91 AR (P)Aramid Yellow/Silver/Yellow100x 60°C50x 75°C 50x
 Cofab91 AR M(P)Aramid Yellow/Silver/Yellow50x 60°C  50x
 RF 3400 FR FYCotton Fluorescent Yellow30x 60°C  Class 2
TransferMR 3591NSCPolyester Silver 50x 60°C50x 75°C50x
 MR 3591NS SGSegmentedPolyester Silver 50x 60°C50x 75°C50x
 MR 3591SElasticPU Silver 50x 60°C75x 75°C50x
 MR 3591FS (C)Print or PlotPU Silver 50x 60°C50x 75°C50x
 RF 3515 SGSegmentedPolyester Silver, YSY50x 60°C  
 RF 3500F FR FYSegmentedPolyester Fluorescent Yellow 40x 60°C  10x

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