In the PPE clothing industry good visibility of the worker is of paramount safety. Retroflex offers a wide choice of retro-reflective products for professional high-visibility clothing. Our products offer exceptionally high reflection values whilst providing flexible application for different types of textile. We use both glassbead and micro-prismatic technology. Our products are durable, wear-resistant, and colour-fast (all products comfortably comply with the EN ISO20471 standard). With this group of products, you are opting for sustainable safety in conditions where visibility is essential.

Guaranteed visibility

Retro-reflection based on glassbead or micro-prismatic technology: our products have high reflection values including large angles of incidence, under adverse weather conditions or over long distances.


Flexible and durable

Versatile application for different types of textiles. And thanks to our sustainable materials, our products retain their high-reflection values and performance - some up to 100 washes.


All our products are EN ISO20471 certified, with most products also certified according to the Öko-Tex 100 standard.

High Visibility Producten:



 ProductNoteBackingColorEN 469Homewash ISO6330Tumble DryIndustrial Wash ISO15797 CycliTunnel DryDry Clean ISO3175Öko-Tex
SewableRF 3300Polyester Silver  50x 60°C  Class 1
 RF 3300 IWPolyester Silver   50x 75°C50xClass 1
 RF 3300SElasticPes / Spandex Silver  50x 60°C Class 1
TransferRF 3500F (PSA)Polyester Silver  50x 60°C  30xClass 1
 RS 6501 SGSegmentedPolyester Silver  50x 60°C  
 RF 3500SPPrint or EngravePolyester Silver  50x 60°C25x 75°C 25xClass 1
 RF 3500SP PCPlotPolyester Silver  50x 60°C25x 75°C 25xClass 1
 MR 3501NSC IWPolyester Silver  50x 60°C50x 75°C50xClass 1
 MR 3501NS SGSegmentedPolyester Silver  50x 60°C50x 75°C50xClass 1
 MR 3501SElasticPU Silver  50x 60°C75x 75°C50xClass 1
 MR 3501FS IWScreenprintPU Silver  50x 60°C50x 75°C50xClass 1
 MT 3501APU White  25x 40°C 10xClass 1

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