Retroflex Cofab Triple Trim: The better alternative.

Cofab91-AR triple trim is a flame retardant retro-reflective tape for fire brigade, offshore and work clothing. The development of this new product was based on safety, ergonomics and durability. The flexible, lightweight and fluorescent meta-Aramid with a para-Aramid Ripstop support makes the product extremely strong.

Retroflex continually works on the development of the Cofab triple trim to improve the various properties even further. This gives Retroflex Cofab, in comparison with other products on the market, a much longer life-cycle, higher visibility, durability and washability.

Retroflex Cofab has proven to be a product with a high lifespan, of which the properties for optimal visibility are maintained during use. Retroflex Cofab has been used on a large scale in the petrochemicals and oil processing industry for over 10 years. Even under those circumstances, Cofab continues to deliver optimum performance!