Reflomax CO. LTD

ReflomaxBesides the Unitika and Reflexite product lines, Retroflex B.V. is looking for new innovating reflective products to answer to the market need. From October first 2014, Retroflex B.V. started the process of business cooperation with Reflomax CO.LTD from Korea.

Until June 2014 Reflomax CO. LTD was partly owned by the Orafol company and produced some of the Reflexite products. From June 2014 Reflomax shares are 100% owned by the family Kim again and started to develop and expand their product line in prismatic and glass beat reflective products.

At the moment we are ongoing developing products, testing and certifying for European specs like EN ISO20471. To shorten delivery time we are building up the stock in Druten , The Netherlands. Beginning of the new year 2015 Retroflex B.V. will start to launch some of the products in the Europe and deliver from our stock.

Retroflex B.V. is proud to be a business partner from Reflomax CO. LTD and are looking forward to develop and grow the European business together in the next years.

NEW BOA garments (Govermental safety and security officials)

image005On March the 7th. 2014 the Dutch minister of Safety, Mister Opstelten, presented a new garment line for the BOA, safety and security officials which are employed in all Dutch cities. Beside the wearing comfort, corporate identity and professional look were very important; quote Minister Opstelten.

The reflective parts of the garments are plotted text and checked blue reflective striping in 30mm width. Retroflex BV is delivering these products from stock. The check blue tapes are available in an sew on and transfer version.

National Dutch Police


In 2014 and 2015 the national Dutch Police is changing their complete set of garments. Retroflex B.V. is proud to deliver the reflective and fluorescent products for the trousers, the caps and body armour.

During 2013 and 2014 we developed a non-migrating fluor yellow transfer, which we use on the caps and the body harnesses. This technology we are now using for all different transfer products on fabrics with non-fixed dye’s. On the body harnesses, the Dutch police is using a Fluor Yellow reflective strip from Unitika Sparklite to make the Policeman more visible!